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Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Virtual User Conference

Monday, March 16th, 2009
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All Constellation customers have received invitations to our upcoming virtual user conference.  If you have still not registered, please do so using the links below.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems is pleased to invite you to our first ever, Virtual User Conference on March 23 through March 27, 2009.

Join us for this FREE event in the comfort of your office, or any location with an internet connection and a phone.

Hosted by our BuildSoft, Builder 360, NEWSTAR, FAST and Constellation CRM (formerly “CFT”) product families, these series of webinars will include valuable product update sessions, industry best practices, and home builder roundtable discussions.

Delivered by Constellation experts and guest speakers, you will learn about new product enhancements, upcoming events, industry best practices, trends in the customer base, and opportunities to help you get the most out of your software system.

Product Update Sessions

On March 23rd at 1PM EST, we will be hosting the following product update sessions. Please register for the product update session of your choice using the links below.



Builder 360


Constellation CRM

Industry Best Practices and Guest Speakers

Lead Qualification and Sales Best Practices

Ross Robbins – Shinn Group

March 24th at 1 PM EST

Today’s home buyers are fearful of making a buying decision and consumer confidence is at historic lows. We as sales people must do all the heavy lifting to get them to want to buy. The key to this is repetitive contact and building a trusted relationship to enable them to take action without regret. This means using your system to its fullest to keep in touch with the prospect. None of us can remember all the details and the necessary follow-up schedule. This session will explore the reasons for the fear, despite the great values in the market, and justify the use of valuable tools you may already have to make high tech equal high touch.

Online Homeowner Warranty and Maintenance

Brad Brickman – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

March 25th at 1 PM EST

Now that the housing boom is behind us and the entire industry is dealing with a new reality, managing warranty and service costs is very important. In this session, we’ll show you how many builders have reduced their warranty and service costs, and improved customer satisfaction and referrals with small investments in online homeowner manuals, maintenance guides, newsletters and service request portals.

Implementing a Purchase Order System

Craig Schweikart – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

March 25th at 1:30 PM EST

Many builders, both small and large, can achieve cost advantages and improved forecasting using purchase orders. In this session, builders will learn how to reduce costs as a result of issuing purchase orders and paying trades without relying on completion slips and invoices. Even if you are already using purchase orders for your trades, this session will provide additional opportunities for process improvement.

Get the Information You Need from Your Accounting System

Felicia Malter and Steven Hays – RubinBrown

March 26th at 1 PM EST

As a follow-up to our Coping with Financial Distress webinar from last August, this session will help Canadian and US builders identify how to analyze those ratios that are the most important in running their business. Using the information from your accounting systems can help you improve your bottom line and increase your profits. In addition, timely communication to lenders from from their builders will help ensure viable financing solutions. Steve Hays and Felicia Malter, Partners in the Home Builder Services Group at RubinBrown LLP, will also share some information about what financial reporting might look like as we prepare for better times.

Builder Roundtable Discussion

On March 27th at 1PM EST, we will be hosting the following builder roundtable discussions. Please register for the session of your choice using the links below.

Small Volume Builders and Remodelers

Larger Volume Production Builders

Additional Information

Register now, or contact
Cathy Kotsopoulos
via email or by phone at (888) 723-2222 x6140.

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Continues to Develop New Home Building Software Solutions

Thursday, January 8th, 2009
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Markham, ON, January 8, 2009 – Constellation HomeBuilder Systems, the largest provider of homebuilding software, announces the availability of nine new homebuilding software technologies. Instead of cutting back on development, in a time when many homebuilding software companies are struggling to meet the most basic customer support requests, Constellation is taking this opportunity to increase its investment in new technology and solutions for home builders. “We are continuing to invest in new products and services for home builders and maintain our long-term commitment to the home building industry”, says Dexter Salna, President of Constellation HomeBuilder Systems. “As everyone knows, the home building industry and real estate in general are very cyclical and, as a result, there has been very little long term investment in software for homebuilders. The long-term stability of Constellation ensures that we will continue to support our customers and bring new solutions forward to help builders and land developers compete in any type of market condition.”

Constellation will be at the 2009 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, NV from January 20th-23rd 2009; booth #C4299. Please contact us to request an appointment, or visit our booth during the show. All of our new solutions will be available for demos and our product experts will be available for detailed discussions.

With Constellation, home builders have security and stability with their software investments and the comfort of knowing that they will be supported now and in the years to come. Our continuing investment in software for home builders and land developers will help Constellation customers manage costs more effectively and respond to changes more quickly in 2009 with the following new technologies and solutions.

Land Development

Constellation LandDev, an integrated web-based land development system designed exclusively for land developers with flexible “best practices” to automate workflow, reduce and control costs, view cash flow and job schedules, while at the same time automating many tasks that are now manually performed. LandDev includes a vendor portal and supports detailed and summary level budgeting, estimating, bidding, contracting, and payment processing with easy to manage security and approval settings.

Marketing and New Home Sales

Constellation CRM Marketing is an industry-proven new home sales and marketing system that enables you to capture all relevant customer information for targeted, customized campaign management. The hallmark of every great marketing strategy is to know and communicate effectively with your prospects. Who are they, individually or as a group? When, where and how are they likely to buy? With easy-to-use tools to help you ask the right questions, you’ll understand and meet your customers’ budget and lifestyle preferences every time. Stay ahead of the competition; improve productivity and profitability with personalized marketing campaigns to turn qualified leads into new homebuyers. This highly disciplined, flexible system gives you the unique ability to design, build and deliver buyer-qualified products with every home you build.

Design Center Upgrades and Options Selections

OnLocation-Design Center is an integrated mobile device software application that helps design center staff easily manage options, upgrades, and color selections while helping to maximize the amount of each sale. During option and upgrade selection appointments, sales staff can walk through available options and upgrades while keeping running totals and making suggestions within the home buyer’s budget. With fewer errors and no additional data entry, the sales documents and addendums are printed and signed immediately.

Executive Dashboards and Reporting

NEWSTAR Enterprise and FAST have been updated with enhanced executive dashboards and reporting functionality. With FOCUS and FAST Insight, managers, field staff, vendors, and other partners can have access to production and accounting information as needed. Key business indicators are visible in a graphical format with the ability to drill down and look at the data in additional detail when making critical decisions.

Accounting and Production System Enhancements

Constellation’s core products include home building accounting and production systems used by over 40% of the top 100 home building companies in North America and over 1,400 home builders in total. Our mission critical production and accounting systems include FAST, NEWSTAR, Builder 360, BuildSoft, Constellation CRM (formerly Computers for Tracts) and LandDev. We continue to support and enhance these systems with the latest regional and regulatory requirements and bring new functionality to each system to help our customers improve their core operations.

Field Scheduling and Quality Control

OnLocation-Construction Manager is the latest solution in the award winning software OnLocation family of mobile device applications for home builders. In addition to core scheduling functionality and payment approval, field staff and inspectors can easily identify and record quality issues at any point during the building cycle and beyond. Not only can vendor payment be withheld, but issues can be addressed easier and tracked over periods of time. Using the camera capabilities of many mobile devices, you can capture photos from the field and automatically categorize them within the system. Once they are in the system, they can easily be made available for all employees and distributed to managers, vendors, and home buyers as necessary. The photos and easy identification of quality issues becomes a key tool in supplier and trade negotiations.

Warranty and Homeowner Expectation Management: Driving Referral Sales

Constellation BuildSERV – Ownership Guide is a hosted web portal and e-mail service for the delivery of home care and warranty information to new home buyers. Multiple touch-point communication tools help you track responses and reinforce your warranty and customer service standards. Integrated lead referral programs offered during and after the warranty period will help you drive referral sales.

Home Owner Portal and Customer Self-Serve

Constellation HomePlate is a home owner web portal designed to enhance the home owner experience by providing 24/7 Internet access to construction schedules, warranty requests, and home purchase information from contract to warranty. It’s designed to deliver instant information to your customers anytime, anywhere, without phone calls or phone staff. HomePlate is easily customized to match your website and data flows seamlessly between your production system and the HomePlate website.

Database and Technology Flexibility

NEWSTAR Enterprise, FAST, Builder 360 and Constellation CRM all operate on Microsoft SQL, which is essentially becoming the industry standard database technology. Microsoft SQL, familiar to many home building professionals, provides self-tuning for database performance, replication built-in for faster and easier reporting, more security with failover clustering, and enhanced automated out-of-the-box scheduling and alert services.

About Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

As the largest home building software company in the industry, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems has helped more than 1,400 builders manage their information technology costs with integrated software solutions to run their business from dirt to warranty. From planning to homeowner services, we have land development software, new home sales and marketing software, production, purchasing, scheduling, accounting,
warranty, electronic homeowner manuals, and vendor portal solutions designed exclusively for the home building industry.

Media Inquiries

Cathy Kotsopoulos

(888) 723-2222

Constellation Product Webinar Series

Monday, November 10th, 2008
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As you prepare and finalize your budgets for 2009, we wanted you to be aware of the following solutions that we have enhanced or released in the previous year.

We are also announcing an exciting 30-minute webinar series that can help you with the following:

  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve management insight
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Work more efficiently with suppliers and trades
  • Maximize upgrades on each sale

Sales and Home Buyer Solutions


Constellation BuildSERV’s hosted document library and online collaboration systems help builders manage home ownership documents and related warranty information. Our comprehensive services ease the task of organizing and compiling home ownership guides, and provide a method for delivering and tracking important buyer communications.

Enroll Now
– Tues. Nov. 11 @ 2PM EST

Constellation HomePlate – Home Buyer Portal

Constellation HomePlate offers home builders a secure, web-based portal for their homebuyers and homeowners from contract to post-warranty. It’s designed to deliver instant information to your customers anytime, anywhere.

Enroll Now
– Mon. Nov. 24 @ 2PM EST

Constellation Online Virtual Showroom

Constellation Online Virtual Showroom is a web-based lead generation tool that creates qualified prospects through unique visualization technology. Visitors to your website can mix and match exterior and interior colors and materials and see their choices instantly rendered on photographs of your model homes.

Enroll Now
– Tues. Nov. 25 @ 2PM EST

Constellation CRM

Constellation CRM is a comprehensive suite of customer relationship management solutions for all sizes of home builders. Designed to help improve customer communication, options selection, and upgrade sales, now is the perfect time to take a look at Constellation CRM.

Enroll Now
– Tues. Nov. 18 @ 2PM EST

FAST E-Leads and FAST Sales

FAST SALES and FAST E-Leads arms your sales team with the advantage they need to close the sale. FASTSales helps you streamline your sales process by automating follow-up and leveraging process-based workflow. With every sale a precious commodity you need a sales system that provides flexibility while maintaining accountability, that is FASTSales.

Enroll Now
– Thurs. Nov. 20 @ 2PM EST

Constellation CRM Design Center

Constellation CRM Design Center provides your design staff with the tools to quickly, accurately and profitably prepare complex measured goods configurations, such as flooring or custom countertops. If you are looking to maximize the profits from your dedicated Design Center, now is the time to consider Constellation CRM Design Center.

Enroll Now
– Wed. Nov. 12 @ 2PM EST

Construction Management and Communication Solutions

Constellation FOCUS

Constellation FOCUS is an integrated, web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed to improve business performance through monitoring and proactive exception-based reporting. FOCUS can easily distribute pre-configured reports and notifications to suppliers, managers, employees and other business partners.

Enroll Now
– Wed. Nov. 19 @ 2PM EST

FAST Insight

FAST Insight helps you to make the critical business decisions necessary in today’s economy on a daily basis, FASTInsight provides dashboard level views and detailed decision support in real-time so you can make those decisions with confidence. Know in an instant your financial and operational health with FASTInsight.

Enroll Now
– Fri. Nov. 21 @ 12PM EST

Builder 360 – JobView 360

JobView 360 is a secure web-based project management solution designed exclusively for home builders to powerfully advance the flow of communication and develop reliable, partnerships between trade partners, subcontractors, and homebuilder employees.

Enroll Now
– Mon. Nov. 17 @ 2PM EST

Constellation LandDev

Constellation LandDev supports detailed and summary level budgeting, estimating, bidding, contracting, and payment processing with user configured authorization processes. Find mistakes on paper before they happen in the field and become too expensive or too late to fix. LandDev allows users to eliminate the paper chase with workflow technology that sends e-mail messages to targeted individuals for budget approval, change order approval, payment approval and notification, as required, leading to an unprecedented control of cost and schedules.

Enroll Now
– Mon. Nov. 10 @ 2PM EST


OnLocation-Schedule is an award-winning, fully-integrated, wireless software application designed to meet the needs of field staff, home builders and suppliers. This easy-to-use application offers effortless monitoring and tight control of construction schedules and payment processes, while improving the efficiency of supplier communications.

Enroll Now
– Thurs. Nov. 13 @ 2PM EST


PocketFAST works seamlessly with your FAST schedules to extend the benefits of an integrated management system to your production line. Field managers and vendors will be more efficient, more effective, and more accurate with PocketFAST, providing essential, time sensitive information throughout your organization, as it happens. That’s what you should expect with an enterprise system, and PocketFAST delivers.

Enroll Now
– Thurs. Nov. 13 @ 2PM EST

Constellation BuildPro

Constellation BuildPro is the leading, integrated, scheduling and vendor collaboration system utilized by home builders to effectively manage tight construction schedules and improve homebuilding efficiency. Over 10,000 builders and suppliers are using BuildPro and SupplyPro to help build thousands of homes more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and build stronger trade relationships. As an internet solution, the system is always available in the office, at home, or in the field.

Enroll Now
– Fri. Nov. 21 @ 2PM EST

New Product Preview

We are getting close to releasing several new and exciting products and services for home builders.


OnLocation-ConstructionManager allows you to schedule jobs, control payments, control production quality, and communicate with trades. With real-time exception control and quality monitoring, you can identify quality issues before it’s too late or too expensive. Your superintendents and quality control staff can quickly run though a checklist and identify problems. Not only are the problems identified and stored in NEWSTAR Enterprise, but you can take photos with your mobile device for management oversight and supplier communications. These photos serve as a record of deficiencies for suppliers and trades and ensure that everyone has the ability to see problems when they occur.

Enroll Now
– Thurs. Nov. 20 @ 2PM EST


OnLocation-DesignCenter is an integrated software application that helps design center staff easily manage options, upgrades, and color selections and maximize home builder design center profitability. Using a barcode scanner, options, upgrades, and colors are easily captured and recorded in NEWSTAR Sales. From there, design center staff quickly generates the contract addendum and present it to the customer for approval. Design center staff no longer need to waste time keying product codes into the system while the customer waits.

Enroll Now
– Fri. Nov. 14 @ 2PM EST

Additional Information

If you have any additional questions, please contact Cathy Kotsopoulos at (888) 723-2222 or via e-mail at

Managing your Company Out of the Downturn – Shinn Consulting and Constellation HomeBuilder Systems

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
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In conjunction with Shinn Consulting, we are pleased to invite you to our two-day seminar on Wednesday, November 5th and Thursday, November 6th at the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa in Vail, Colorado.

In this seminar, you will learn proven techniques to increase your operational efficiency and get the most from your information management systems.

In addition, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems will hold a 1/2 day workshop on November 7th to provide prescriptive techniques to get the most out of your existing software investment.

Managing your Company Out of the Downturn Seminar and Workshop Agenda

Constellation Virtual Online Showroom

Friday, August 15th, 2008
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Constellation Online Virtual Showroom is a web-based lead generation tool that helps educate your website visitors with interactive images of your homes.

Your potential homebuyers can see how your models and rooms look with different colors and finishes.

For more information and a demo, visit the Constellation Virtual Online Showroom.

 Here is my favourite picture.  What does your home look like?

Constellation HomeBuilder Systems Exhibiting at PCBC 2008

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
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Just to remind everyone, Constellation HomeBuilder Systems will be exhibiting at PCBC next week in San Francisco.  Here are the details.

Pacific Coast Builders Conference
June 25-27, 2008
Moscone Center
San Francisco, CA
HomeTech Connect
North Hall

If you have any questions about our Home Building Software products, please don’t hesitate to stop by the booth or give us a call.